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Rectosocpe Instruments

Model: SY-GC


Product Type: Hand instruments<

Rectoscopy instruments can be used for diagnosis and differential diagnosis of hemorrhoids, unexplained hematochezia requires judgment, classification and classification of anal fistula and hemorrhoids, preparation before hemorrhoids surgery to determine the treatment plan, provide reference basis for surgical treatment plan, postoperative review of hemorrhoids to determine the operation effect, analysis and judgment of unknown mass.

Rectosocpe Instruments

Rectoscopy is the most simple diagnostic examination for suspicion of rectal cancer or cancer in the anal canal. The examination is always combined with rectal exploration and possibly needle biopsy.The examination is performed with a rectoscope, which is a stiff tube with a light source. With this, the rectum is inspected as well as the surrounding mucous membrane - usually about 15 cm up from the anal opening. Behind the rectum ampule, right inside the anal canal, there is a large angle in which it is difficult to see small changes. This must be assessed carefully by exploration.During the examinations, biopsies can be taken.

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