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SY-GK Orthopedic Instruments

Model: SY-GK

Brand: SHREK

Product Type: Basic surgical instruments


Orthopedic instruments are used in orthopedic operations. It can be divided into many types according to their structure and functional characteristics. To be familiar with and master the use of surgical instruments is the most basic requirement for orthopedic surgeons.
Basic orthopedic instruments mainly include: forceps, bone chisels, saws, mallets, bone files, bone elevators, retractors, orthopedic tractors, bone probe, etc..

the image is only a reference

the image is only a reference

the image is only a reference


Retractor: In orthopedic surgery, in order to fully reveal the surgical field of vision, facilitate operation and avoid accidental injury
Periosteum dissector: The periosteal dissector can be used to peel off the periosteum and soft tissue attached to the bone surface.
Bone saw: The board saw is only used in amputation to cut the bones; the wire saw has spirally distributed serrations to cut deep bones.
Bone hammer: It is made of metal and divided into light, medium and heavy according to its weight. Lightweight mainly used for fingers, toe bones and small joint hands
Surgery; medium and heavy are mainly used for limb bone and spine surgery.
Curette: It can be used to scrape the scar, granulation tissue, bone cavity and potential cavities in the sinus or pathological tissue.
Osteotome: Flat osteotome: mainly used for cutting the bone surface and removing bone; Round osteotome: often used to open windows on the bone surface or use in the circular bone cavity
Bone knife: Straight bone knife: the role is to cut bone. Curved bone knife: can replace the role of flat bone chisel.


Simple operation
convenient sterilization
numerous in variety
Good material,
Economical and durable
Wide range of applications