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SY-MN Abdominal and Urology Instruments

Model: SY-MN

Brand: SHREK

Product Type: Basic surgical instruments

Urology surgical instrument kits are used in clinical practice of urology and anorectal surgery such as kidney transplantation, prostatectomy, internal hemorrhoid snare surgery. Urological surgical instruments, including prostate scissors, bowel forceps, kidney stone forceps, kidney pedicle non-injury forceps, retractors, urethral dilators, anoscopes, catheters, etc..

Simple operation
convenient sterilization
numerous in variety
Good material,
Economical and durable
Wide range of applications


Kidney pedicle forceps: used to clamp internal organs
Biopsy forceps: used for clinical pathological biopsy to take some tissues for clinical diagnosis
Urethral dilator: for dilating the urethra when the urethra is narrow
Intestinal pressure plate: The intestinal pressure plate is used to fix the abdominal organs during the operation to increase the surgical field of view to avoid accidental injury during the operation
Abdominal cavity retractor: It is a wide and smooth hook shape, used for kidney, bladder and other large abdominal operations
Right-angle forceps: Larger specifications are used in urological surgery. Used to free and bypass the posterior wall of major blood vessels, biliary tract and other tissues, such as left gastric artery, cystic duct, etc.
Bladder stone removal forceps: used to forceps to remove stones in the bladder
Bladder tumor spoon clamp: used to clamp tumor tissue during bladder tumor resection