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SY-SPHJ Video Laryngoscope


The anesthesia laryngoscope adopts advanced science and technology. Compared with similar products, it integrates a 2-megapixel camera with a full-view high-resolution display. It can obtain anti-fog function without preheating. The body is light and easy to operate. It can get the best glottal exposure, and at the same time, the possibility of damage to the larynx tissue caused by the intubation operation is reduced, and the success rate of the clinical operator's one-time operation is greatly improved.


Anesthesia video laryngoscope can be used for difficult airway intubation, traumatic airway intubation, intubation of some patients with limited cervical spine movement, can replace conventional laryngoscope, hospital anesthesiology, emergency department, ICU, respiratory medicine, cardiology, field rescue, Emergency centers, ambulances, etc..

Product advantages

1. Portable body. The body adopts ergonomic design, which is easy to operate and durable.
2. Unique material design, light and strong;
3. Cost-effective. Economical, reusable and disposable lens models are optional, reusable lenses can be sterilized more than 1000 times, 316 medical stainless steel can be sterilized in various ways, disposable lenses are cost-effectiveEfficient cutting and hemostasis , improve surgical efficiency and reduce patient suffering.
4. Durable. The screen can resist repeated wiping, and the lithium battery can be charged repeatedly. It can be used for 200 minutes each time, and the battery does not need to be replaced within 3 years of continuous operation.Faster incision healing due to less tissue adhesion.
5. Clear and stable. 3.5-inch full-view HD screen, 2 million HD anti-fog camera. Mechanical vibration is safer used in removal of tissue and hemostasis because there is no current involved.
6. Unique anti-fog function, no need to preheat, save time for emergency intubation operation

Technical specification

USB port Charging and file transfer
Rotation angle 180°
Blades Different types to choose
Pixel 2.0 mega pixel
Handle Antibacterial, portable
Noise ≤70dB