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Otolaryngology Surgery and Examination Supporting Solutions


Product description : Otolaryngology endoscope is a kind of optical equipment in otolaryngology department. The whole process of digital control temperature, can be accurate to 0.05 degrees, will not burn mucosa, do not destroy the cilium epithelium, without any side effects. Otorhinolaryngology endoscope under the whole computer visual monitoring, about 10 minutes can be completed rhinitis, nasal polyps, sinusitis, snoring, nasal septum deviation, otitis media and other operations, postoperative no bleeding, no pain, no need to be hospitalized


Complete set : Medical monitor (15'',19'',21'') , Endoscopy camera, LED cold light camera(CCD/HD), Trolley, ENT scope, Shaver, Instruments


Application : External ear examination and surgery, Pituitary adenoma resection, Ear neurosurgery, Nasal polyp, Otitis media and tympanic membrane surgery, Snoring, Allergic, Atrophic, Acute and chronic, Tonsillitis,Sinusitis, Pharynx, Laryngitis, Deafness, Tinnitus and other ear, Nose and throat diseases, Chronic dacryocystitis,Benign tumor resection of nasal cavity and sinuses.